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How DxO Optics Modules are Made

If you’ve ever used DxO PhotoLab before, then you’ve seen it. The first time you open a photo taken with a camera and lens combination that PhotoLab hasn’t seen before, it prompts you to download a “DxO Optics Module”. You’ve let it download, then moved on with your...

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How to Improve Your Travel Photography

I love to travel, and I love photography. So combining the two is an obvious match made in heaven! Most of my travel editing is easy; maybe a preset, a little correction here and there, and that’s about it. But there are usually a few photos that are particularly...

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Flawless portrait with local adjustments

No matter how young or old the person, just about every face could benefit from a little bit of retouching. Whether you’re removing drool or spinach from a baby’s face, smoothing wrinkles on a client portrait, removing temporary blemishes (pimples) or permanent ones...

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A Filter History

For anyone with an smartphone who’s young enough to not have grown up with film cameras, a “filter” means an effect that you apply in Instagram or Photoshop. It could be as simple as a “blur” filter, or as complex as a “vintage look” that applies a series of complex...

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A to Z of Photography Terms

  Photography is an art. But it’s a technical art. And to full understand and the art and to be able to manipulate it to your needs and desires, you need to understand the technical side of it. There are so many terms in the world of photography that it’s easy to...

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Low light: Five tips for a successful photo

  When it comes to low light photography, there are many, many things you can do to improve your photos or — let’s be honest — even be able to make pictures in the first place! Many low light tips are obvious, or at least seem obvious if you already know them....

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RAW vs JPEG — A Technical Explanation

  Do you shoot RAW, or do you shoot JPEG? Do you fully understand the advantages of one over the other? Let’s clear that up here! (If you see any technical terms here you’re not already familiar with, check out our handy glossary of photographic terms). At its...

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